Settle Down (Remix) [Radio Edit]

from by Homeless X Gatzby



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Intro - Homeless

Look, I’m quite aware I wasn’t invited,
I’m callin’ it Jake’s fault, we got a riot incited
Pardon me for crashin’ the party, nobody hollered at me
I was feelin’ kinda slighted, ridin’ _____ in the back seat
But now I’m ten feet, too legit, athlete
runnin’ circles round rappers like a ____ track meet
Sick spitter stubborn, like a stick in the mud
beatin’ up the remix, until it throws up blood

Verse 1 - Homeless

your flow sucks, roll up, forget steppin’ to dub
half-a-y’all are the reason that she’s what Common used to love
losers need a noose, I’ll teach ‘em to tie the knot
take a breather and a shot, good luck and then bugger off
It's gotta be tonight, bound to leave 'em bleeding' right
I need some whiskey and a fight to be certain that I’m alive
I never discriminate, gimme gin and some minute maid
I'll put a smile across my face, and finish it first rate
make music, hard work, everything I could done
thing is, now my worst case scenario's a good one
winter cap in the Minneap, hella snow
Didn't bite the poisoned apple, I swallowed that ______ whole
Whatcha know, payin’ dues, puttin’ time in
hasn’t paid off yet, still I’m findin’ time to grin
intendin’ to win the race, I’m turnin’ this thing around
And I never really listen, they tell me to settle down


Verse 2 - Homeless

Still self-medicated, still stealin' beats
Still, hungry as ____, still ain't got enough to eat
so please, pass the bowl over, sober isn't wanted
maybe they call me Homeless 'cause the ______' house is haunted, I been
Mixin’ liquor so I’m bound to be the sickest
I’m just workin’ on a bank account fit with six digits
low class flow, high class aspirations
hard to justify, all the time that this has taken
Look, I gotta be honest, they tell me why not
All I ever really wanted was a drop top, gold watch
couple plane tickets for, me and friends
and a way to help my family stay meetin’ their ends
sick of livin’ for the weekend, tweakin’ out, and feelin’ bad
this’ll either get the label’s attention or make ‘em mad
unauthorized remix, nothin’ like G ____
me spittin’ structure to rupture the double helix
___ ____ this is fun,
when you stop really carin’, and start airin’ out your lungs
I swear I’ll never stop until I’m wearin’ a crown
And they can say it all they want, but I’ma never settle down



from Settle Down (Remix), released March 8, 2013
Raps by Homeless

Beat by Gatzby

Mixed and Mastered by Big Cats!

Original Song by Kimbra




Ryan Kopperud Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Kopperud is a poet, writer, and rapper born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He began his career in performing and writing, by competing in Austin, Texas with the Minneapolis Poetry Slam Team, at just the age of 19. His work is equal parts complex and effortless, ranging from topics of love, loss, depression, struggle, and celebration. ... more

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