by Homeless & Big Cats




The only signs I’ve ever seen said to detour here
It’s too near for me to feel it, I just listen and steer
and I prolly shouldn’t be driving, I’m sorry I not abiding
by the rules or best practices, things to keep me alive
and they promised I wouldn’t make it, I promise they’ll have to break it
Every day I wake up, this world is mine for the takin’
They talking that cockamamie, I’m jocking that vodka, save me
y’all still miss that bigger picture, the pixels are fucking grainy
they made me in the 80’s, back then I was a baby
Now I rarely use my safety, cock back and fire shaky
Call me a loose cannon now, baby, I do too
Most days I can’t remember if I’ve got something to lose
I’m fist-fighting over pints, I’d like the chance to make a buck
‘Cause most of y’all are either wack, old, boring, or fake as fuck
Running at breakneck, plenty testing my luck
Still constantly considering whether I do enough

I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.

This life is of men or mices, I put together the pieces
I would never hang a chain around my neck displaying Jesus
I been acting unfavorable, thinking I’m not savable
Been working god damn hard, this shit not debatable
So what, you want a cookie, to them you still a rookie
Fine, I’m betting on myself, shit I’ll be my own bookie
Cop and flopping the option, I’m knocking on doors and walkin'
down this path until these people stop, drop, and get to watchin'
I’ll be a beast on the screen, and keep to speaking what I mean
Preach a little bit and lean, I might tried promethazine
But it never spoke to needs, always been trying to speed
You show me them brake lights, I flash brights and I careen
thin line, carefree, you could spare me bare feet
I’m rocking them shit kickers, sip liquor they stare at me
Fine with the prying eyes, I’m riding to my demise
And I ain’t never been scared of using eight of nine lives.

I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.
I prolly don’t. I know I do.


released June 16, 2014
words by Homeless
music by Big Cats
saxophone by Nelson Devereaux
keys by Eric Mayson
recorded by Spencer Wirth-Davis
mixed by Eric Blomquist at River Rock Studios
photography by Peter Gjovik


all rights reserved



Ryan Kopperud Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Kopperud is a poet, writer, and rapper born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He began his career in performing and writing, by competing in Austin, Texas with the Minneapolis Poetry Slam Team, at just the age of 19. His work is equal parts complex and effortless, ranging from topics of love, loss, depression, struggle, and celebration. ... more

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