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released April 16, 2014

Produced by:


Raps by:


MC Lars

Jus Rhyme

Mixed and Mastered by:

Big Cats!

Artwork Concept & Design by:

Mitch LaGrow for The Growth

Original Astronaut Illustration by Jon Garbarini




Ryan Kopperud Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Kopperud is a poet, writer, and rapper born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He began his career in performing and writing, by competing in Austin, Texas with the Minneapolis Poetry Slam Team, at just the age of 19. His work is equal parts complex and effortless, ranging from topics of love, loss, depression, struggle, and celebration. ... more

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Track Name: Break Even
Verse 1 - Homeless

The debt got me seein’, green, whatchu know about the blues
I knew a couple good dudes who googled how to tie their noose
but playin’ the game of the life, the only way you break the rules
is jumpin’ the ship early, storms are only passin’ through
I started at my roots, bartered my solemn mood
so I could build myself a life, that now I’m finally scared to lose
hell of a year, I missed the lottery numbers
I wonder why they’re all surprised, I rarely find my slumber
she’s a, cousin of death, and I keep runnin’ from my end
so I just wax philosophic and vomit it out a pen
Guess I’m an oxymoron, tryin’ hard to hold on
never buckle, piece of the puzzle, so call us Voltron
writin’ songs ‘bout feelin’ we don’t belong
got labeled a misfit, like what I was doin’ wrong
had a realization, and maybe it took too long
if they think that you’re different then you’re doin’ it right, I’m gone

Chorus - 2x

No more sad songs, refill your glass
No more deep breaths, scared it’s your last
Beat the band, break even if you can
Beat-beat-beat the band, break even if you can

Verse 2 - MC Lars (16 Bars)

Tried to digitize the future, but couldn’t cop the RAM
Tried to spit some sick soliloquies, but that was not the plan
Tried to infiltrate the circus, but the Ringmaster was creepin’
Tried to hide inside the lions’ cage and night when they were sleepin’
Tried to find some peace of mind, but I still feel kind of crazy
Got a cabin for a weekend so I’m bringing up this lady
And she gets that I’m an artist, so everything’s alright
Likes the way I tell my stories when I hold her late at night
Kiss the pleasures of the flesh, breathe it in, let it go
But I can’t let ‘em know, that I still dance hella slow
Like a David Lynch movie - life scary and surreal
Everything is changing and I don’t what to feel
Tried to incubate the pixel rate, with space and time together
Felt the universe expanding and it’s never felt much better
Tried to digitize the future, as I uploaded the past
Because memories on USBs were never meant to last

Chorus - 2x

Verse 3 - Jus Rhyme

Militant minded, white swan diving,
guillotine, god sent, it's killing me, honest
so keeping em, honest with bomb threats, promise
this one's for the children of the corn watchin comets
locked in on the stars in the sky with my conscious
sniper rifle telescope planets rise hella dope
killin em with every word and verb that I wrote
making martyrs on the daily of the players that don't pay me
say one for the people of the sun, burn the forest
for the people of the ice, bling it for the poorest
Making music for the artists, movement starters
Breakin rules by makin people choose who spits the hardest
Spit from the heart its my aorta talking
In order for the path to be cast start to walk it
This one's for the masters blastin back at the target
Rebellion from the top and the bottom, get it started

Chorus - 2x